Florida Trip
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Cocoa Beach, Florida:

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Universal Studios Islands of Adventure:

Universal.JPG (48318 bytes)            Dudley.JPG (62206 bytes)      

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Sea World (with my cousins):

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Mickey01.JPG (38557 bytes)        Earful Tower.jpg (14935 bytes)    Hollywood01.JPG (75939 bytes)    

Dolphin 01.jpg (48480 bytes)    Dolphin 07.jpg (35642 bytes)    (The Dolphin Hotel)

Dolphin Fountain.jpg (31655 bytes)    Dolphin Pool.jpg (48967 bytes)    Boardwalk 01.jpg (24498 bytes)

MGM Studios Street 01.jpg (39863 bytes)    Tower 02.jpg (44968 bytes)    Tower 03.jpg (42572 bytes)   

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